QBio Doctoral Minor

Technological innovations have revolutionized the scale and detail with which biological systems can be explored. With that revolution has come a demand for scientists who can develop and analyze quantitative and predictive models of biological systems. The QBio doctoral minor is designed to complement the depth of training in biological or quantitative sciences that a student achieves through UW-Madison’s graduate programs with the breadth that is needed to conduct research under this paradigm. In addition to coursework in biological, quantitative, and integrated courses, students in the program will take an inter-disciplinary research seminar to prepare them for research that crosses these boundaries. This training will prepare students for careers in academic and industrial settings, where the ability to cross disciplinary lines and work in teams with diverse expertise is critical.

Students who are candidates for the Ph.D. degree in any department or program may obtain an interdisciplinary minor in Quantitative Biology by earning a minimum of 10 credits from the courses listed below. The coursework is divided into one course from a quantitative science, one course from a biological science, one course from an integrated course, and a one-credit research seminar. Courses may be taken in any sequence, although it is strongly advised that the research seminar is taken during the first year of graduate school. At least three credits of the coursework to fulfill this minor must be beyond the required courses in the primary doctoral program. Courses that are selected to fulfill electives may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Consistent with the Graduate School’s GPA requirement, a GPA of 3.00 is required.

Students who have satisfied the requirements, complete this form and submit to the QBio committee for signature.

Questions can be directed to the minor’s faculty directors, Dr. Sushmita Roy and Dr. Tony Gitter

Research Seminar (Required)

  • BME 780  Methods in Quantitative Biology

Quantitative Courses (Choose One)

  • CBE 660 Intermediate Problems in Chemical Engineering
  • COMP SCI 524 Introduction to Optimization
  • COMP SCI 760 Machine Learning
  • MATH 443  Applied Linear Algebra
  • MATH / COMP SCI 513 Numerical Linear Algebra
  • MATH / COMP SCI 514 Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 519 Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MATH 531 Probability Theory
  • MATH 605 Stochastic Methods for Biology
  • MATH 619 Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
  • MATH / COMP SCI 714 Methods of Computational Mathematics
  • STAT / MATH 431 Introduction to the Theory of Probability
  • STAT / B M I 541 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • STAT / F&W ECOL / HORT 571 Statistical Methods for Bioscience I
  • STAT / F&W ECOL / HORT 572 Statistical Methods for Bioscience II
  • STAT 609 Mathematical Statistics 1
  • STAT 610 Introduction to Statistical Inference
  • STAT / ISYE / MATH / OTM 632 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
  • STAT / MATH 709 Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT / MATH 710 Mathematical Statistics

Integrated Courses (Choose One)

  • BIOCHEM 570  Computational Modeling of Biological Systems
  • BME 556 Systems Biology: Mammalian Signaling Networks
  • BME / CBE 782 Modeling Biological Systems
  • BME / CBE 783 Design of Biological Molecules
  • BMI / BIOCHEM / BMOLCHEM / MATH 609 Mathematical Methods for Systems Biology
  • BMI / COMP SCI 576 Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • BMI / COMP SCI 776 Advanced Bioinformatics
  • BMI / COMP SCI 775 Computational Network Biology
  • BMI 826 Statistics in Human Genetics
  • BMI / STAT 877 Statistical Methods for Molecular Biology
  • GENETICS 885 Advanced Genomic and Proteomic Analysis
  • MICROBIO 657 Bioinformatics for Microbiologists
  • BOT/PL PATH 563 Phylogenetic Analysis of Molecular Data
  • ONC 778 Bioinformatics for Biologists

Biological Courses (Choose One)

  • BIOCHEM 501  Introduction to Biochemistry
  • BIOCHEM 601 Protein and Enzyme Structure and Function
  • BIOCHEM / GENETICS / MICROBIO 612 Prokaryotic Molecular Biology
  • BIOCHEM / GENETICS / MD GENET 620 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
  • BIOCHEM / BOTANY 621 Plant Biochemistry
  • BIOCHEM 625 Coenzymes and Cofactors in Enzymology
  • BIOCHEM / PHMCOL-M / ZOOLOGY 630 Cellular Signal Transduction
  • BIOCHEM / CHEM 704 Chemical Biology
  • BIOCHEM 719 From Atoms to Molecules
  • GENETICS 466 Principles of Genetics
  • GENETICS / MICROBIO 607 Advanced Microbial Genetics
  • GENETICS / BOTANY / MM & I / MICROBIO / PL PATH 655 Biology and Genetics of Fungi
  • GENETICS 701 Advanced Genetics
  • MICROBIO / BMOLCHEM 668 Microbiology at Atomic Resolution
  • MICROBIO 526 – Physiology of Microorganisms
  • ONC / MICROBIO / ​PL PATH 640 General Virology-Multiplication of Viruses
  • ONC 703 Carcinogenesis and Tumor Cell Biology
  • PATH 750 Cellular and Molecular Biology/Pathology
  • ZOOLOGY 570 Cell Biology

QBI PhD minor committee

Anthony Gitter
Anthony Gitter
Associate Professor
Megan McClean
Megan McClean
Associate Professor
Sushmita Roy
Sushmita Roy
Associate Professor
Ophelia Venturelli
Ophelia Venturelli
Assistant Professor