QBio PhD Minor

The UW-Madison Qbio PhD minor is designed to complement the depth of training in biological or quantitative sciences that UW-Madison students achieve through existing graduate programs, with the breadth that is needed to conduct research under the new paradigm of quantitative biology. As such, we are preparing the QBio PhD minor to be offered in Fall 2017.  The QBio PhD minor is compatible with a variety of existing PhD programs. The course options included in this minor come from traditional biological and quantitative sciences, as well as courses that integrate the two fields. Thus, students in the physical sciences will complete coursework in biology, while biology students will enroll in physical, quantitative courses. Additionally, students from these different backgrounds will come together in a required Methods and Logic in Quantitative Biology course that will help prepare them for research at this interface.

QBio curriculum:

  • Core curriculum of the home program
  • ‘Methods and Logic in Quantitative Biology’, 1 credit
  • 3 credits in Quantitative Science*
  • 3 credits in Biological Science*
  • 3 credits in Integrated Science*

* In most cases, students can apply QBio courses toward electives required by the home program, allowing the minor to be completed with little to no extra coursework.

QBio students will form a cohort that will also interact throughout the year, through seminar series within QBI and an annual retreat for the QBI community.

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