The Ph.D. degree program in Statistics prepares students for research and teaching careers in academia or industry, including interdisciplinary research in a wide array of disciplines. Students pursuing a doctoral degree must take courses in several broad areas of statistical methods and theory. Required courses include a course in probability theory, a two-semester sequence in mathematical statistics (based on measure theory), and a course in statistical consulting. The Ph.D. qualifying examination is primarily based on the mathematical statistics and probability theory courses. The major requirement for the degree is to conduct original research in some area of statistics and to present the research in a dissertation. Most students complete the Ph.D. in four to five years.


David Anderson
Assistant Professor
Cecile Ane
Cécile Ané
Associate Professor
Karl Broman
Sunduz Keles
Christina Kendziorski
Christina Kendziorski
Grace Wahba
IJ Schoenberg-Hilldale Professor