Ming Yuan
Ming Yuan
Investigator -Morgridge Institute for Research
MSC 1300 University Avenue
(608) 265-3990
▪ Minimax Optimal Rates of Estimation in High Dimensional Additive Models: Universal Phase Transition (2015; with D. Zhou). ▪ Optimal Large-Scale Quantum State Tomography with Pauli Measurements (2015; with T.T. Cai, D. Kim, Y. Wang and H. Zhou). ▪ Rate-Optimal Detection of Very Short Signal Segments (2014; with T.T.Cai). ▪ Degrees of Freedom in Low Rank Matrix Estimation (2011). ▪ Nonparametric Covariance Function Estimation for Functional and Longitudinal Data (2010; with T.T. Cai).
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